Sticky hands on a photoshoot

So Yesterday I met Lana from Russia, and we did a photoshoot in the baking heat of my studio. Thank goodness for the fan that my friend lent us and the black curtain on the window stopping some of the heat.

It was actually interesting, as this was the 1st time in about 2 years where I did makeup on a shoot, and I was pleased with the results, The hair was Ok but I should really have had a hairdryer to hold the hairspray, and with the heat, it was tricky.

Nonetheless, Lana was great and patient, and as I was shooting very tight headshots, everydetail was important, from hand placement to the strands of hair and everything else. Having to go back and forth to wash my hands (from the oil and the hair spray) from touhing her hair and the camera.

Here are a few unedited shots.

Painting in Shoreditch

Yesterday I was in London Shoreditch painting a portrait of Darron whom I took pictures of 2 days ago. I’m really happy of how it turned out and I will be posting a Vlog to my Youtube in a few days.

It was a lot of funn painting alongside fellow Frenchman Nerone whom paints neon style graffiti. This place got quite busy, pretty quickly as we were painting in full view of the high street.

Big thank you to GSA for providing this quality wall!

Today's photoshoot with Darron

I did a photoshoot today with a Darron in my studio, and it was a great session. We got about 300 pictures, not because we were struggling to get it right but more because we were having fun. We tried different color gels and different types of lighting from strobes to natural light, as we were just finishing just in time for the Golden hour. I will be painting a picture from the shoot to paint tomorrow in east London.


The stylish bride

So today I painted Stephania whom I did a shoot with in Carnaby street, Central London. I recommend it as a location if you’re looking to do shoots. Stephania was brilliant and really funny, and when I came across one of her pictures as I was setting up my 2 shinny new websites, I thought she’d make a great painting.

I originally shot the picture in colour and it only came to life after I converted it to Black and White. Her pink dress and gold stiletoes looked cool, but in Black and White she looks like a Bride.

So now onto the painting, thanks to Global Street Art for sorting out the wall I got the perfect spot to paint the picture. Or so I thought! No I’m thenkful to have had this spot, but man, the amount of vans, trucks and taxis going through this little bend at speed, was something. And then there was the wind. It took me 8 hours from start to finish where it normally takes me 5, but the wind created a lot of overspray I had to fix.

But regardless of all that, I’m very happy about the result, and this one might be one I choose to produce as a print, more on that very soon…

See you soon,



My new and exciting website!

Welcome to my new website!

So I’ve made the switch to Squarespace from Wordpress and man, am I impressed! The beauty of wordpress is to be able to have full control over your website, only problem is, most of the pluggins and themes don’t quite work properly. So this is brand new and we’ll see how I get on.

So happy about this new direction. Plenty of content coming soon!