Hello internet,

For a very long time I’ve been asked to do some prints, as well as original artwork.

However I decided to follow a custom artist path, which is to respond to a client’s demand to paint what they want as opposed to painting something of my own choosing. And it has been and it is great fun, but now I decided to also follow the true path of an artist, which is to do my original artwork. From walls to originals and prints.

I had a meeting yesterday with an old client of mine I hadn’t seen in ages, and he said to pop by so we can talk about prints, as he’s had a printing business for years and he was convinced he could offer me a superior quality than the competition with a followed service, from printing to packaging and shipping. Not only was I so impressed with the quality of the work produced but also it made me want to shoot better, from the photo shoot to the artwork in the street. It was so convenient to use a little point and shoot camera, but when I saw the result printed in A1 with it compared to the shots taken with “Big Daddy” (Nikon D810) I realised how important the quality of the detail is. Please note I’m so critical of my work, all the shots I’m using for my prints, regardless of the camera used has to be spot on. If there are some pieces of artwork or photographs I love, but the quality isn’t the best (but still decent) they will most likely be printed in a smaller format as an unlimited print. But this is the job for this early morning, 6am, figuring out the print sizes, quantity and prices.

This is new and exciting, take the journey with me!