Sticky hands on a photoshoot

So Yesterday I met Lana from Russia, and we did a photoshoot in the baking heat of my studio. Thank goodness for the fan that my friend lent us and the black curtain on the window stopping some of the heat.

It was actually interesting, as this was the 1st time in about 2 years where I did makeup on a shoot, and I was pleased with the results, The hair was Ok but I should really have had a hairdryer to hold the hairspray, and with the heat, it was tricky.

Nonetheless, Lana was great and patient, and as I was shooting very tight headshots, everydetail was important, from hand placement to the strands of hair and everything else. Having to go back and forth to wash my hands (from the oil and the hair spray) from touhing her hair and the camera.

Here are a few unedited shots.