After many requests for me to do prints over the years from quite a few people I decided to make some. It took me a year or two to actually get round to it, not sure about the process, the prints, the prices, the work. But after much reflection about which ones should make the cut, and many test prints, they are here and ready to purchase!

The sizes are A4 and A1 only.



Colour wheel
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My grid
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I love to teach and to share my knowledge. I have a YouTube channel where I share all my tips and tricks to help artist. My YouTube videos are featuring ads to generate revenue, but as it is in the early stages, Iā€™m producing them entirely by myself. If you enjoy my content and you would like to make a donation, it would be very much appreciated. If you prefer, I have a Patreon account, link in the contact page. Once I will have generated enough momentum, I will either remove the ads from my videos or remove the donation button. Thank you very much for your support.